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Computer Crimes and Fraud in Brazil

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Everything we do these days is by computer in some way, shape, or form. From shopping for groceries, checking out our next destination to visit, even looking for the new love of our lives, everything is done with technology, and usually with the help of the Internet.

While the World Wide Web is a welcome advance, it can also be used as a weapon. Internet fraud cases in Brazil are on the rise, as well as identity theft, and hacking incidences. Businesses are certainly at risk of cyber crime, because there is so much personal information and financial information which is all held on computer or in the cloud of some kind, that means that there is a lot at stake to lose, and any unscrupulous thief who knows their way around a computer, can get in there and steal that valuable information.

What are the costs of such an incidence?

Very, very high indeed. It is for that reason that hiring a cyber crimes detective if there is any suggestion of foul play is vital. Of course, putting measures in place to prevent such things from happening in Brazil is always advisable too, and that is where online security and password protection is so hugely important.

Private Investigation Services

We aren’t just talking about the potential for a few lost details, which is certainly bad enough in its own right, but we are potentially talking about money being accessed and moved, we are talking about highly sensitive vital information being stolen and potentially sold on to other companies without the knowledge of the Brazilian person concerned, and we are also talking about the potential for changes in voting or company business risks in Brazil.

Put simply, cybercrime in Brazil is not something to be taken lightly.

Internet fraud cases are certainly one of the most common fraud areas to be investigated in Brazil these days, which is certainly a huge sign of the times. A cyber crimes detective is highly trained and specialized in these particular areas, and that means that you have the highest sense of expertise at your disposal. Here at Oliveira Lawyers, we have years of experience in choosing the right Brazilian investigator for your needs, and whether it is identity theft or one of the general internet fraud cases are you looking to check out and understand, then we have the right cybercrimes detective for you in Brazil.

Identity Theft in Brazil

The case of stolen personal details is one of the most high profile areas of potential cybercrime in Brazil, and this can either be through stealing of details, such as address and name, etc, or it can be through cloning of bank cards, which can then lead to a huge amount of lost money for an individual.

Whether it is a Brazilian business or an individual we are talking about, the loss of private and sensitive information can be crushing, because this is then used in ways that are underhand and potentially seriously damaging. A business could lose its vital secrets, which is then used by competitors to basically wipe out the company, and an individual can feel completely violated and devastated to learn that their details are being sold on like meat, or that their money is being wiped out by someone who has cloned their bank card and is now off on a random shopping spree.

The end result here is that cybercrime may be on the rise in Brazil, but it needs to stop and in order to do that, we have to put into place the best possible investigative processes.