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Insure Your Services Against Insurance Fraud in Brazil

Insurance Fraud - Financial crime

Not everyone is 100% honest. Life would be so much easier if this was the case, but unfortunately situations in life can force people to make decisions which are either unlawful, unethical, just simply wrong. One area which does certainly attract issues for insurance companies and businesses is through fraudulent insurance claims.

When you think about it, this is certainly a big money business, and when claims are made, especially large scale claims, the pay out can be equally as large. When a claim is genuine, the claimant is probably only seeking to recoup back what they have lost in their business, property, or through another situation, such as the loss of a loved one. This is a situation which nobody can argue with, and when proven to be correct, the pay out is right and just.

These days however, and this is certainly on the rise, claims are put into an insurance company which are certainly not correct. As an insurance company, you need rigid means to prove that claims are in fact genuine, and that is where the help of an insurance fraud investigator can come into play when you are a little on the fence about a particular case. In order to prove fraudulent insurance claims, you need proof in Brazil, and that is something we can provide you with.

Insurance Fraud Services in Brazil

Here at Oliveira Lawyers, we have years of experience in detecting fraudulent insurance claims in Brazil, whether that is because of life insurance fraud, business fraud, damage claims, the list goes on. By hiring an insurance fraud investigator in Brazil, you get the proof you need to draw a line under the issue and bring justice to the person involved. This also prevents insurance claim pay outs which are not genuine, and therefore loss of profit.

Life insurance fraud perpetrated by a Brazilian national is perhaps one of the most difficult to prove, because you have to handle the whole thing with sensitivity and extreme confidentiality. You can’t prove that someone is not genuinely grieving, even if you do have a suspicion, and therefore you really need to tread with caution – that is where hiring an insurance fraud investigator can come in very handy indeed, handling the situation in the most professional manner, without causing further distress.

You can’t simply go around accusing someone of making false claims without firm evidence to back up your suggestion, and in the no win, no fee world of litigation we live in, you risk accusing someone wrongly and ending up on the wrong side of a slander law suit.

For instance, a life insurance fraud case is complicated, and it needs a very careful, very sensitive, and bullet-proof approach investigation in Brazil. A business insurance case can be just as difficult to prove – if a building has burnt down and a claim has been put in, the case could be perfectly genuine, but it could also be a deliberate fire to obtain the cash, because the business is struggling.

As you can see, the whole approach needs to be professional to a fault.

Insurance Fraud Consequences

When we talk about insurance fraud in Brazil, it is not something to take lightly, because the consequences are very serious indeed, for both sides. For the perpetrator, if proven, they are looking at a jail sentence, and for the insurance company, if the case is proven to be fraudulent, the pay out obviously doesn’t need to be made.

With the rising money issues that today’s world brings about, this kind of fraudulent behavior by Brazilian individuals and companies is unfortunately a reality. Protecting your insurance business against this kind of situation is imperative, whilst also ensuring that justice is most definitely done.