Brazil seeks foreign investments for infrastructure upgrades

May 8, 2013
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Brazil seeks foreign investments

Brazil is in the process of reaching out to foreign companies in hopes of attracting infrastructure investments and trade opportunities.

Last month, Tatiana Prazeres, the Secretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade Development, spoke at the seventh edition of the UK-Brazil Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO), in São Paulo, discussing the vision of her home country. Brazil is looking to open up trading with countries in the European Union and hopes to attract investors to help privatize airports, ports, highways and railroads.

“The government was [recently] in London precisely to promote the portfolio of investment opportunities in Brazil, in the infrastructure sector,” Prazeres said. “This morning it was discussed in more detail, and a number of other visits that they will make here in Brazil is focused on permitting a greater awareness, in more detail, of the projects for which we seek to attract investment.”

It’s probable that this need stems from two upcoming events—the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics—which will both be held within the Brazilian borders. The country likely wants to make significant upgrades to its infrastructure before it hosts these two massive global events, which means private companies around the world have a great opportunity to increase their presence in Brazil. If the country opens up trading with other nations, businesses will have even more opportunities.

Of course, the legality of these matters will have to be considered. In order to obtain the greatest value from such investments, businesses should work with lawyers in Brazil who can explain all laws pertaining to such dealings.

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