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Professional Tax Advisory & Filing ServicesTax services in Brazil for Foreign Citizens

Expert Tax Assistance for Foreign Citizens and Companies in Brazil

Welcome to Oliveira Lawyers, your trusted partner in managing Brazilian tax obligations. Our specialized services are tailored to meet the unique needs of foreign citizens in Brazil. Whether you’re planning to move, invest, or currently residing in Brazil, we understand the complexities you face with tax laws and regulations. Our team, fluent in English and Portuguese and backed by extensive legal and taxation expertise, is dedicated to simplifying your tax journey in Brazil.

Comprehensive Tax Services Tailored for Foreigners in Brazil

Navigating tax obligations in a foreign country can be daunting. At Oliveira Lawyers, we specialize in offering a wide range of tax services designed specifically for foreign citizens in Brazil. Our goal is to make the complex world of Brazilian taxes understandable and manageable for you, whether you’re here for business, investment, or personal reasons.

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1. Tax Overview Consultation

How do taxes work in Brazil? No idea? That’s what our Tax Overview Consultation is for. We offer paid consultation over Zoom to walk you through the main aspects of how taxation works when a foreign citizen resides, has assets, and incurs into other situations that trigger tax events.

Schedule here your paid consultation. We do not offer free consultations, as the Brazil Bar Association strictly forbids free consultations.

2. Initial Document Tax Review

Understanding your tax position in Brazil is crucial. We offer an initial assessment to map out your potential tax liabilities, whether you’re considering moving to Brazil, investing in property, or expanding your business.

Income categories usually reviewed:

a. Employment income
b. Self-employment income
c. Financial investment income
d. Real Estate income
e. Other income

Potentially applicable tax credit to income abroad

Depending on the country, Brazil will allow a credit to be applied for taxes already paid abroad. This will usually be the case for countries in tax treaties with Brazil as well as countries that offer the same tax-credit scheme for Brazilian residents (“reciprocity” concept).

3. One-Off Tax Assistance

When a non-tax-resident has a major transaction in the country such as selling a real estate property in Brazil, a one-off tax filing may be required (e.g., tax on capital gains). We can advise on such needs as well as well as handling the corresponding tax calculations and instructing on payments.

4. Tax Return Filing in Brazil

Stay compliant with Brazilian tax laws with our annual tax filing services. We handle the complexities of filing your taxes accurately and on time.

Our bilingual tax professionals can have your questions answered, taxes filed, and get you fully compliant in Brazil so you have the peace of mind to enjoy Brazil.

4. Ongoing Tax Advisory

Tax laws can change, and staying informed is key. Our ongoing advisory services keep you updated and prepared for any tax-related challenges.

5. Specialized Transaction Assistance

From property sales to business transactions, we provide expert assistance in managing capital gains and other tax implications in Brazil.

Answer our questionnaire to receive a personalized quote for our tax review.

6. Carnê Leão

The Carnê Leão is a monthly tax payment system in Brazil, designed primarily for individuals receiving non-wage income, such as rent, freelance earnings, or pension. It’s particularly relevant for foreign citizens residing in Brazil who receive income from sources inside the country. This system requires these individuals to calculate and pay their due income tax each month, rather than annually. The obligation to file Carnê Leão monthly stems from the Brazilian government’s efforts to regulate and monitor the flow of income more effectively, ensuring timely tax collection and compliance.

Learn more here about our monthly Carnê Leão support.

7. Audit Representation

In the rare event of an audit by the Brazilian Revenue Service, you can count on us for professional representation to safeguard your interests in Brazil.

Got an audit note from the Brazilian Revenue Service? Contact us now for a quote for proper audit representation.

8. Final Departure Tax Declaration in Brazil

final departure tax declaration

We assist foreign citizens with the “Declaração de Saída Definitiva do País” – the Final Departure Tax Declaration in Brazil. This crucial service is designed for foreign residents who are planning to leave Brazil and cease their tax residency. The declaration is a mandatory procedure that involves reporting your final tax status to the Brazilian authorities, ensuring that all tax obligations are settled, and avoiding future liabilities. Our expert team guides you through this process, handling all necessary documentation and compliance requirements, to ensure a smooth transition as you conclude your fiscal responsibilities in Brazil. This service is essential for foreign citizens to ensure they leave Brazil with all tax matters properly resolved.

Learn more about the “Declaracao de Saida Definitiva do Pais” also known as the Final Departure Tax Declaration in Brazil.

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Required First Paid Consultation (*please read before contacting us*)

We do not provide free consultations as the Brazil Bar Association strictly forbids them. We recommend that you schedule a consultation to have a professional overview of Brazil’s taxation system while addressing your questions and giving examples applicable to your specific situation. Our consultations are provided over Zoom where we can share resources and meet face-to-face no matter where you are.

Schedule your Consultation Here

How to Get a Quote?

For a quote for the following services, you must send an email with a summary of your income and specific situation in Brazil. No information is given over the phone regarding pricing and if you call us, our receptionist will simply tell you to send an email. We agree that our method does not work for everyone and this serves the purpose of selecting the prospective clients who we think are the best match for our services. Thank you for your understanding.

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