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How to Obtain a Power of Attorney to Buy a Property in Brazil

power of attorney in brazil

Readers who have been in Brazil know it: Nothing in Brazil is simple. The natural beauty of Brazil is amazing and life can be extremely fulfilling in our country, but it is indisputable that you have to endure endless red tape when conducting your affairs in Brazil.

One example of such a challenge is to have someone representing you in a real estate closing in Brazil. Power of attorneys must be made according to very specific steps dictated by law and regulations in Brazil. Not only that, but the interpretation of such laws and regulations may also vary according to the registration office in charge of the locality where the real estate transaction is taking place.

Foreign citizens underestimate the challenges involved in getting a POA drafted and executed in accordance with such rules until they try to do it themselves.

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We do not guarantee that by following these steps your POA will be accepted with 100% certainty since each registration office is sovereign when it comes to accepting POAs, but these steps represent what we have seen as most effective when preparing Power of Attorneys.

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