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Electronic Declaratory Registration of Financial Transactions in Brazil

The RDE – ROF means Electronic Declaratory Registration of Financial Transactions. The RDE-ROF is a mandatory step for companies or individuals receiving capital from abroad. This registration must be done before the currency exchange transaction operation of exchange so that it is approved by the Central Bank. In this article, you will better understand what the RDE-ROF is, how to make this registration and what happens if the company fails to comply with this obligation with the Central Bank.

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What is RDE

The registration Declaratory Electronic is a system developed by the Central Bank for registering operations of capital abroad in Brazil and capital Brazilians abroad directly in the systems of the Central Bank of Brazil. The embodiment of the RDE is mandatory for people physical or legal to receive values outside of the determined nature ( more information below ). The record in these cases is mandatory, no matter the amount to be received. The RDE is supported by law No. 4,131 of 3 September 1962, No. 9069 of 29 June 1995, and No. 11,371 of 28 November 2006. The achievement of these records through the middle electronics to control the Central Bank is supported by Resolution No. 3,844, of March 23, 2010, and by Circular No. 3,689, of December 16, 2013. The RDE-ROF serves to record the operations involving capital from the credit external granted to persons physical or legal residents in Brazil.

What is RDE-ROF

There are some forms of RDE, depending on the purpose of the foreign capital. One of these ways is the RDE-ROF, or registration Declaratory Electronic – Registration of Operations Financial. This type of RDE consolidates specifically the operations financial involving capital overseas, except investment abroad in companies Brazilian and investments in bags. In these cases, there are specific registrations (RDE-IED for direct investment and RDE-Portfolio for investments in stock exchanges ). The RDE-ROF records the operations involving capital from the credit external granted to persons physical or legal residents in Brazil, among the which: loans direct, securities, financing the import and receiving advance of exports. It also should be used to record capital related to services of renting commercial operating, rental and charter, and rights of property intellectual ( royalties ).

The complexity of an RDE-ROF

The system for carrying out the Electronic Declaratory Registration is quite complex, bureaucratic, and technical. It demands one knowledge depth of several terms, in addition to the supply of a lot of information with precision. In addition, performing an RDE-ROF incorrectly can lead to problems with regulatory authorities. You may be asking: I need to get an RDE-ROF done, but I have no idea of how to do it. Because of the complexity of the operation, the central bank allows third parties like our law firm to conduct the registration on your behalf of their clients.