Budget restrictions no excuse for low quality healthcare

June 11, 2013
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Budget constraints don’t excuse poor healthcare

Every person wants to have access to quality healthcare. Regardless of laws, regulations and other outside factors, individuals want to be able visit a doctor when needed and receive care that will keep them healthy. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done and in Brazil, this issue is being debated.

At a seminar sponsored by the National Council of Justice, the opening address was delivered by Joaquim Barbosa, the president of the Federal Supreme Court. He spoke about the problem of budget constraints and how it should not be used to justify the lack of access to healthcare in the country.

He said that in the event of budget constraints, unlimited granting of any treatment or medication cannot be imposed on the State. However, that cannot be presented as the reason of exemption for compliance with constitutional regulations, especially the fundamental right to health.

He added that the “inequalities” in the sector have forced the courts to act “strictly” to ensure access to medical care, as well as install preventative measures against diseases.

“In Brazil, inequality in healthcare is so significant that it has become imperative for the judiciary to act with great accuracy and precision to prevent the gap between citizens from widening even further,” Barbosa said. “And this duty undoubtedly has a sole objective which is the realization of the right to health.”

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