Brazilian President takes international trips

February 5, 2013
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Importance of International Trips

Businesses based in the United States may consider expanding or undergoing transactions internationally in order to sustain a growing company or gain a net profit. Conducting mergers or acquisitions in Brazil could be one option but a Brazilian law firm will need to be consulted in order to ensure that all global business laws are followed.

For instance, there are certain restrictions on imports and exports to and from Brazil, according to the Rio Times. Businesses will need to know the proper trade regulations within the country in order to conduct transactions effectively. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff recently traveled to various nations to meet with their leaders and possibly decrease trade restrictions.

In December, Rousseff traveled to Russia to to discuss the ban on imports of meat and also made a stop in the United Kingdom for the Olympics. Her trips to Spain brought her to negotiate a number of business deals.

“The visits cement Brazil’s position as chief bridge nation between Latin America and Europe and, as if to underline this, the president’s first trip of 2013 will be to the Chilean capital, Santiago, for a joint summit of the Latin American and Caribbean States Community (CELAC) and the European Union, aiming to facilitate trade between the two regions,” the news source reported.

The president will also be present and give the opening speech at the UN General Assembly in the United States. In February, Rousseff is expected to travel to Africa to take part in the Africa-South America Summit. With such positive international dealings, the Brazilian government has shown businesses that expansion within this nation is encouraged.

However, entrepreneurs and business executives should confer with a Brazilian lawyer before taking part in any transactions to ensure they are following all business laws in Brazil.

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