FIFA’s ‘General Law of the World Cup’ in full effect in Brazil

June 18, 2013
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World Cup Event

Right now, many soccer fans have their eyes focused on ESPN as the Confederations Cup is well underway in Brazil in preparation for next year’s World Cup event. Over the next 12 months, much focus will be on the country as the most popular sport in the world is played for arguably the most important trophy that can be won.

Hosting the World Cup brings with it many challenges. The country must undergo an intensive four day inspection, find the funds to cover the cost and increased tourism and seriously bolster its security measures to make sure no major incident occurs during this time frame.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA as it is more commonly referred to, is the sport’s global governing body, and requires the host countries to agree to a number of things in order to be awarded the World Cup. One of those is the General Law of the World Cup.

For Brazil, this has been in effect since June 5, 2012. It covers a wide array of topics but will only be in effect until December 31, 2014.

The biggest part of the 900-page document concerns commercial rights, trademarks, restrictions to capture and broadcast sound and images and ticket sales. However, everything from visa and work permits to social campaigns to criminal provisions are also covered in the Law.

The World Cup can become a massive business opportunity for any company that takes proper advantage of it. However, organizations should contact a Brazilian Lawyer to make sure they are following the temporary laws in effect because of the World Cup before setting up shop.

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