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Human Resources in Brazil

Finding the right resources in Brazil is particularly challenging. Ask a Brazilian executive if they are able to do something and they will answer yes 95% of the time no matter what the question was. Some issues like delivering things on time and not forgetting something they committed to not long ago are well known in the international business community. Fluent English, unfortunately, is also another requirement that although most Brazilian executives will feel comfortable to say that they have, are far way from reality.

Our HR Services

  • Recruiting
  • Development of a local Employee Manual
  • Compliance with local laws
  • Labor law risk mitigation
  • Training


1. How much will cost an employee in Brazil?

For a junior bilingual employee the minimum would be around $ 1,500.00/month (roughly R$ 3.000,00/month). The “labor costs” are estimated to represent another 100% in costs. So, the total cost for a junior bilingual employee would be around $ 3,000.00/month all inclusive (roughly R$ 6.000,00).

2. What do you mean by labor costs?

Labor costs encompass a myriad of government taxes and fees and law-required benefits such as paid personal days and a Christmas bonus (the so-called “13th salary”).

The “Labor Lawsuit Industry”

It is a sad truth that Brazil has developed a culture of labor-based lawsuits. A whole legal system including specialized labor-courts and outdated laws support employees to present all kinds of demands against previous employers. The burden of the proof is always on the employeer, no matter how credible or in this case incredible such allegations may be. To make things worse, judges working in such labor courts may have as little as “10 minutes” to decide on a case…so you may imagine the quality of such decision-process and the damage of assuming that whatever the employee is alleging is true unless the employer is able to prove otherwise.

How do you protect a company against the so-called “labor lawsuit industry”

Ideally simply complying with the law would be enough. But, in Brazil companies need to setup careful controls to make sure they gather evidences that they are indeed meeting the legal requirements.

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