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Constitutional Attorneys in Brazil

When it comes to laws in Brazil, it is important that citizens and visitors have protected traditional values and civil rights as set forth in the Brazilian Constitution. If you feel that your constitutional rights are not being protected in Brazil, you should consider contacting an attorney to defend your rights.

Much like the constitution in the United States, it is the source of all laws and authority for legal decisions and trials. It sets the standards and guidelines for the Brazilian government.

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Constitutional Law Services

Brazilian constitutional attorneys will fight for a just cause. Good constitutional lawyers handle a variety of Brazilian constitutional issues and civil rights matters. Some of the areas in which they might assist you include:

  • Conflicts Between Federal and State Acts and Brazilian Constitution
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Breaches of Civil Liberties
  • Race Discrimination
  • Sexual Discrimination
  • Hate Speech Victimization
  • Censorship

About the Brazilian Constitution

Considered the supreme Law of Brazil, the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil was passed in 1988. It was written as a reaction to military dictatorship and was created to guarantee individual rights and restrict the state’s ability to limit freedom, punish offenses, and regulate individual life. Considered the climax of the re-democratization of Brazil, it was written from scratch by a Constitutional Congress elected in 1986. Among the new constitutional guarantees was one’s right to have access to any data about them kept by the Government (habeas data). This constitution was the first to call for severe punishment for law-breaking concerning civil liberties and rights. Several other important advancements of the Constitution of 1988 include:

  • A second round of elections if the majority of votes is not for a single candidate
  • SUS as the health care system for the entire country
  • An options vote for young citizens between the ages of 16 and 17
  • More autonomy between municipalities
  • Guaranteed delimitation of indigenous areas
  • Guaranteed retirement for workers without the obligation to contribute to social security
  • Discontinuation of censorship for TV and radio broadcasting stations, plays, newspapers, movies, magazines, etc.

Since its passage, there have been nearly 70 amendments made to the 1988 Constitution. Most of these amendments were made in order to get rid of impractical, contradictory or unclear provisions. Even so, an attorney is usually needed to wade through all of the laws and to stay up to date on the most current amendments.

If you feel that your constitutional rights are being compromised in Brazil. Brazilian constitutional attorneys can be a great resource. They are advocates of the Brazilian Constitution. Constitutional law is complex and involves challenging legal analysis. Having a Brazilian constitutional lawyer on your side can make a major difference if you feel your constitutional rights have been violated.

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