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Federal Judge petition for Brazilian citizenship

Adult Brazilian citizenship confirmation

We provide guidance and legal representation for individuals seeking to confirm their Brazilian citizenship after reaching adulthood. Specifically designed for those born abroad to Brazilian parents who have not obtained Consular Birth Registration, our expertise extends to navigating the complexities of Brazilian nationality laws. We assist clients in fulfilling all legal requirements, including the transcription of foreign birth certificates in Brazil and the subsequent legal process of opting for Brazilian citizenship. Our team ensures that each step, from the initial consultation to filing the necessary petitions with a Federal Judge, is handled correctly.

This service is available for adults who were born outside Brazil to Brazilian parents and are now residing in Brazil and wish to affirm their Brazilian nationality. It caters to individuals who might not have previously completed the required consular registration process during their childhood. By providing legal advice and managing the bureaucratic intricacies involved, we help clients seamlessly integrate into Brazilian society with full legal recognition as Brazilian citizens.

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Article 12 of the Brazilian Constitution

The pivotal legal framework for our service is established under Article 12 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution of 1988, as amended by Constitutional Amendment No. 54, dated September 20, 2007. This article delineates the criteria for Brazilian nationality, crucially including provisions for individuals born abroad to Brazilian parents.

This is the link for the citizenship information from the Brazilian Goverment:

Operative paragraphs with main elements in bold:

Brazilian nationality is governed by Article 12 of the Federal Constitution of 1988, as amended by Constitutional Amendment No. 54, dated September 20, 2007. It establishes that the following are considered natural-born Brazilians:

a) those born in the Federative Republic of Brazil, even if born to foreign parents, provided these parents are not in the service of their country;

b) those born abroad to a Brazilian father or a Brazilian mother, provided that one of them is in the service of Brazil;

c) those born abroad to a Brazilian father or a Brazilian mother, provided they are registered with a competent Brazilian consular office or come to reside in Brazil and choose, at any time after reaching the age of majority, Brazilian nationality (residency/choice criterion)*.

*In practice, those born abroad to a Brazilian father or mother who did not request the Consular Registration of Birth for their child, and who later come to reside in Brazil and have their foreign birth certificate transcribed directly in a competent registry in Brazil, will be subject to the requirement to choose Brazilian nationality upon reaching the age of majority. The choice of Brazilian nationality must be made before a Federal Judge.

Specifically, it allows those who have not been registered at a Brazilian consulate at birth to claim Brazilian nationality. The constitution requires that once these individuals reach the age of majority and are residing in Brazil, they may opt for Brazilian citizenship. This choice, however, must be formalized through a specific legal procedure that involves declaring their intention before a Federal Judge.

Brazil citizenship by descent

Our service is directly aligned with these constitutional provisions, offering expert legal assistance to navigate this complex legal territory. Many individuals born abroad to Brazilian parents might not be aware of the nuances of this law or the necessity to formally opt for Brazilian citizenship even if they have lived in Brazil for many years. The requirement to opt for nationality before a Federal Judge underscores the seriousness and formality of the process. We provide guidance through this procedure, ensuring that all legal prerequisites are met and that the client’s choice for Brazilian nationality is officially recognized and recorded. This not only secures their legal status as Brazilian nationals but also enables them to fully enjoy the rights and responsibilities that come with citizenship.

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Consular Birth Registration in Brazil

Consular Birth Registration is a requirement for Brazilian citizens who have children abroad. This registration ensures that the child is recognized as a Brazilian citizen from birth, irrespective of the place of birth. It involves recording the birth with a Brazilian consular office in the country where the child was born. The registration is not merely a formality; it is essential for establishing the child’s eligibility for Brazilian nationality, securing the same rights as children born in Brazil, including access to Brazilian documentation such as a passport and identity card. Without this consular registration, the path to citizenship can become significantly more complicated, particularly as it involves additional steps and legal proceedings once the child reaches adulthood.

Those who did not undergo Consular Birth Registration during their childhood will have to register their foreign birth certificate in Brazil and then formally opt for Brazilian citizenship through legal channels. This process is necessary to confirm their nationality definitively and involves legal proceedings, including submitting a petition to a Federal Judge. Our service provides essential guidance and legal representation throughout this process, ensuring that individuals who missed the consular registration at birth can still secure their Brazilian nationality efficiently and correctly. This is particularly vital for those who wish to fully participate in Brazilian civic life and claim their rights as nationals.

Adult Brazilian citizenship confirmation FAQ

1. What is Consular Birth Registration, and why is it important? Consular Birth Registration is the process of registering a birth with a Brazilian consulate overseas. This registration is crucial as it automatically grants Brazilian nationality to children born abroad to Brazilian parents, providing immediate recognition of their citizenship rights.

2. I was born abroad and did not have my birth registered at a Brazilian consulate. Can I still become a Brazilian citizen? Yes, you can still become a Brazilian citizen. If you were born abroad to Brazilian parents and did not undergo consular registration, you can opt for Brazilian citizenship after reaching the age of majority. This involves registering your foreign birth certificate in Brazil and formally declaring your intention to opt for Brazilian nationality before a Federal Judge.

3. What documents are needed for the citizenship confirmation process? You will need your foreign birth certificate, identification documents of your Brazilian parent(s), proof of residence in Brazil, and any other documents that establish your connection to Brazil. Each case may require additional specific documents.

4. How long does the process take to confirm Brazilian citizenship as an adult? The duration of the process can vary widely depending on the specifics of your case and the workload of the judicial system. Typically, it can take several months from the initial filing to the final decision by the Federal Judge.

5. What are the benefits of having Brazilian citizenship? Brazilian citizens enjoy numerous benefits, including the right to live, work, and study in Brazil without restrictions, participation in the Brazilian governmental elections, access to Brazilian passports, and eligibility for protection by Brazilian consulates and embassies abroad.

6. Can I maintain dual citizenship if I opt for Brazilian citizenship? Yes, Brazil allows dual citizenship, but you should also check the laws of the country of your other nationality, as some countries do not permit dual citizenship.

7. What happens if I do not opt for Brazilian citizenship after reaching adulthood? If you do not opt for Brazilian citizenship, you may continue to live in Brazil as a foreign national. However, you will not have the same rights as Brazilian citizens, such as voting rights or eligibility for certain public jobs.

8. Can the decision of the Federal Judge be appealed if my application is denied? Yes, if your application for Brazilian citizenship is denied by a Federal Judge, there are legal avenues to appeal the decision. It’s advisable to work with a specialized attorney to understand the best course of action in such scenarios.

9. How can your service help me in this process? Our service provides comprehensive guidance and representation throughout the process of confirming Brazilian citizenship. We help with document preparation, filing the necessary legal petitions, and representing you in court proceedings if necessary. Our expertise ensures that your case is presented clearly and effectively, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

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