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Trusts and Estates in Brazil

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In most countries, there are laws regarding the appropriate measures to take when someone is dying or has died. Death can be hard on family members and loved ones, and emotions often run high. While grieving is certainly important, financial issues must also be dealt with as soon as possible.

Certain laws in Brazil are in place to help people manage such issues when a loved one passes away. Specifically, the law of trusts and estates can help people decide what to do with their own finances and assets upon their decease, or it can help family members decide for them once they have passed. This is also called the Law of Successions.

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Get Your Estate in Brazil in Order Ahead of Time

A person’s estate is all of his or her tangible assets and personal property. Usually, people draw up wills if their death is imminent. A will is a legal document that clearly defines who will receive his or her estate when they pass away. Wills are commonly created when a person finds out that he or she will pass away, but creating a will in case of sudden death is a smart idea. Otherwise, your death will be more of a burden on your loved ones. They will have to make decisions for you after you have passed, and conflicts often arise.

Consider Setting up a Trust

Trusts are often created when the person who is dying worries that his or her estate will be tied up in probate upon their death. Instead of handing your property down to your loved ones directly, you can put it in a trust before your death instead. That way, once you have passed, your loved ones can access it directly without going through a trial. By using a trust for your property or assets, you are ensuring that your loved ones receive the assets they deserve after your death. Additionally, trusts can be used to hold property or assets until a loved one is old enough to own them. If you own property, it would make sense to give it to your child when you die. If you find out you will pass away before your child is old enough to receive the property though, you can keep it in a trust until he or she is old enough to claim it.

If you own any property or assets in Brazil, you should consider looking into trust and estate laws to determine the best methods of distribution when you pass away. The same is true for people with close family members living in Brazil while they live in another country. It is difficult to look ahead and imagine your own death, but doing so now will save your family and loved ones the unnecessary heartache in the end. By making your will and planning your trusts and estates now, you are taking the burden of decision off your family upon your decease, which will give them more time to grieve and heal. If you’d like to learn more about trusts and estates in Brazil, an attorney can be helpful when deciding whether or not you’ll need to make such arrangements for your passing.

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