Why 2022 is the Perfect Year to Buy Properties in Brazil

Living in Brazil
February 1, 2022
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Perfect Year to buy Property

The Brazilian currency has never been as favorable to international investors as of now. From a parity of 1:1 back in 2004, a US dollar now buys around 5.5 reais.

The fact that the Brazilian economy is going through painful adjustments also has caused the number of real estate properties to increase substantially. All factors combined, this is certainly a market highly favorable to buyers, which is why a record number of foreigners are buying real estate in Brazil.

Many of our clients are selling properties and investments in other markets to increase their real estate portfolios in Brazil. And, you can learn how to buy properties in Brazil by yourself, or you can hire one of our conveyance lawyers to fully represent you. If you want to learn more about the many opportunities in Real Estate in Brazil at this time, contact us at:

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