Study: Marriages and divorces in Brazil climb over the last decade

November 5, 2012
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Marriages and Divorce Climb

It’s been said that in the United States, an estimated half of all marriages end in divorce. Although that figure isn’t quite as high in Brazil, it still climbed considerably in the previous decade, thus emphasizing the importance of couples contacting Brazilian law firms before getting married.

According to 2010 census data released last month by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 15 percent of the Brazilian adult population has been divorced, which is 20 percent more than the figure observed in 2000. Just last week, we reported about a 2010 law that eliminated the legal mandate that couples needed to be separated one year before formally filing for divorce. The divorce rate could climb further as the effects of the new law continue to take effect.

Another group growing in prevalence is the number of Brazilians living in a consensual union – 36 percent, up from 29 percent in 2000. Conversely, the number of married individuals and religious and civil unions fell from 49 percent to 43 percent.

Given the increase in the number of divorces in Brazil, it’s critical for foreigners with Brazilian spouses to remember the important of prenuptial agreements. Should a marriage end in divorce, these documents will ensure that assets are divided in a way that is amenable to both parties. Prenuptial or antenuptial agreements that are crafted correctly will be recognized by courts in Brazil, the United States and elsewhere.

Brazilian attorneys with experience in family law can not only help couples draft these agreements, they can also assist with issues related to alimony, spousal support, child support and the division of marital property, should a prenuptial agreement not exist. With an experienced Brazil law firm on your side, you will be able to focus on rebuilding your life without worrying about legal questions.

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