STF steps in to settle border dispute between Piaui and Tocantis

August 14, 2013
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Border Dispute

Land disputes still play a major role in many conflicts around the world. When needed, governing bodies step in and make a ruling to put an end to any violence. That is happening in Brazil right now as the Supreme Court (STF) will decide the dispute between boarding states Piaui and Tocantis after officials from the two were unable to reach an agreement.

The issue stems from unclear borders between the two. This became a problem in the late 1980s when Tocantis became a state when it was created by the Federal Government. As a result, certain cultural and bordering problems were not solved at the time and are still being challenged. On top of that, the region is known for its agriculture production, which can add to any state’s profile.

A hearing took place on August 6 in the office of Justice Luiz Fux and the states were given ten days to layout their case and present any evidence to their claim of the land. Both sides presented their arguments and were unwilling to negotiate. The states did suggest using the anthropic criteria, which takes into account the the dynamics of human occupants of the land, but still no agreement could be met.

Because they have not been able to settle on their own, the STF will now step in to try and end things amicably. There is no telling where the boarder will end up when this is finally concluded.

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