Former chief-of-staff in Brazil claims innocence

December 14, 2012
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Accusations with the Chief of Staff

This blog has previously reported that Brazilian officials were implicated in a scandal in which they allegedly provided contracted work to businesses that offered them bribes. The former chief-of-staff Rosemary Noronha was arrested due to this illegal activity, but she claims her innocence, according to The Rio Times.

Despite the accusations of peddling and corruption within her government role, Noronha alleges that she is innocent and never took part in any illegal affairs. The accusations claim that she aided Paulo Rodrigues Vieira when he abused his power while in government.

“While working for the president, I never did anything illegal, immoral or irregular that favored the former minister José Dirceu or former President Lula when he held that position,” Noronha said in a statement. “I also never knew of their personal or professional relationship with the brothers Paulo and Rubens Vieira.”

The federal government will be undergoing further probing into the careers of these individuals to see whether there is truth to the scandal.

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