Ethanol output in Brazil

January 25, 2013
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Ethanol output in Brazil rose while weather dampers crop

Many different industries participate in business dealings within Brazil, including food manufacturers, car makers, technology firms and oil tycoons. All of these different sectors, however, must follow the business laws in Brazil in order to stay cost-effective and successful. For instance, tax laws can cause some businesses to undergo financial constraints while any monetary penalties for not complying with certain laws in Brazil could cause additional problems.

With the help of a Brazilian law firm, companies may remain more attune with the legislation of this country and have a greater chance of being successful. Bloomberg explained in a January 16 article that the oil and gas industry in Brazil is gaining strength. Ethanol output, in particular, rose 14 percent in the last year while the government has increased the mandatory amount of biofuel to be made into gasoline.

Because of the sugar-crane crop, ethanol output produced by mills is likely to grow, said​ mill Grupo Maubisa’s founder and chief executive officer, Maurilio Biagi Filho.

“We’ll produce more ethanol because of the increase in the blend,” Biagi told the source in an interview. “The mixture is returning to the level of two years ago … There’s a lot of sugar supply so the tendency will be that prices fall.”

South African corn will also make headway while Brazil undergoes a dry weather spell that has affected the growth of the nation’s crops. Exchange for white corn, in particular, grew 2.2 percent for the African country. Brazil, however, is having warmer temperatures and dry conditions that are causing a depletion of moisture within the soils.

Whether a company is geared at food producing or oil and gas drilling, a Brazilian law firm specializing in business law could help foreign parties develop the appropriate contracts to make transactions within this country.

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