Deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon slows substantially

December 5, 2012
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Deforestation on the Amazon

The environmental law of Brazil is complex and extensive, as it encompasses one of the most complete environmental legislation across the globe. In the past, some of these laws may not have been substantially enforced but this has been changing in recent years.

Businesses attempting to build office buildings and utilize the resources of Brazil will have to abide by the country’s environmental laws. As such, consulting a Brazilian attorney could prove beneficial for remaining compliant with all regulations.

In 1981, the Brazilian Environmental Policy was passed, which made businesses and factories liable for the amount of pollution they contributed within the country’s borders. From that point forward, polluters were responsible for the amount of damage they caused in Brazil.

The Brazilian Ministry of the Environment is the agency responsible for ensuring that all businesses operating within Brazil remain compliant to every environmental policy. Environmental licensing also has to be provided for any businesses that may impact the climate of the country and is coordinated through a number of federal agencies in Brazil.

The government’s initiatives seem to be working. The Wall Street Journal reported on November 27 that deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon region has slowed dramatically. This is most likely because government officials have improved the detection of illegal farming and logging.

“Their effort is a major step forward, even compared with advances in previous years,” Doug Boucher from the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Union of Concerned Scientists, told the news source. “An additional drop of 27 percent is quite substantial, and it comes at a time when there’s substantial economic growth.”

Businesses attempting to expand in Brazil and utilize the country’s natural resources will have to abide by its environmental protection legislation. As such, partnering with a Brazilian law firm experienced in environmental laws will likely benefit a company’s long-term goals.

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