Brazilian electronics maker may file copyright infringement suit against Apple

January 2, 2013
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Copyright Infringement suit against Apple

Businesses that are opening up a factory or other site in Brazil will need to follow all laws and regulations regarding mergers, acquisitions and intellectual property that is standard within Brazil law.

For instance, copyright infringement is a major issue in the business world and foreign companies are advised to heed all copyright laws inherent in a different country such as Brazil. Also, when developing a product or service such as a movie or book, it is vital to speak with a lawyer in Brazil who can provide copyright protections for one’s work.

For example, a proper outlined document covering one’s intellectual property includes burdens of proof or a description of how a copyright may be broken. Also, a plan of action discussing a fine or imprisonment for copyright infringement needs to be included.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a Brazilian electronics company has developed a new smartphone that uses the same name as Apple’s iPhone brand.  IGB Eletrônica SA released a new phone called the “IPHONE Neo One” and used the particular name due to its filing for a trademark in 2000, which was before Apple released its device.

Since the company has actually had claim to the name before Apple, it is possible that the electronics maker will fight for its intellectual property rights.

“For telephones, the brand doesn’t belong to Apple. It belongs to Gradiente,” Silvia Rodrigues, interim director of the brands department at Brazil’s National Institute of Industrial Property, told the news source. “Gradiente has the right to defend its brand.”

Businesses attempting to protect their intellectual property in Brazil, much like IGB Eletrônica SA, would be wise to consult a Brazilian attorney specializing in copyright infringement cases.

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