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Lawyers in Recife

Virtual Office in Recife

Recife JCPM Trade Center
Av. Eng. Antônio de Góes, 60 – 7º e 14º andar
Boa Viagem
Recife, Pernambuco

This is a REGUS business center with standards similar to those found in other REGUS centers in the US and abroad. Our law firm does not keep a permanent presence at this address so please contact us previously to visiting this address to arrange an appointment.

Attorneys at this location

Attorney Consultation
[email protected]
+55-11-4349-1915 Brazil
+1-214-432-8100 USA
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Regus’s description of the facilities offered in Recife

The Recife JCPM Trade business center is in a 20-story building featuring advanced technology and design. An opaque façade on the western side acts as a heat shield, while the glass front overlooks Recife harbour and the affluent Boa Viagem beach area. A central computer controls all the building’s interconnected facilities and operations, including heat sensors and intelligent systems linking access turnstiles to lifts for effective use at busy times. Recife is built on three islands and has two international ports serving the sugarcane processing, electronics and textile industries. Recife features business incubators and a ‘digital port’ dedicated to IT, attracting multinationals and smaller local enterprises. The main activity is software manufacture but major developments include biometry, information security and wireless solutions. The city is known for its cutting edge medical facilities. The business center has access to a helipad and five floors of parking. It is 10km from Guararapas International Airport.

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