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Lawyers in Campinas

Virtual Office in Campinas

Campinas Galeria
Av. Dr. José Bonifácio C. Nogueira, 150
Térreo, Jardim Madalena,
Campinas, Sao Paulo

This is a REGUS business center with standards similar to those found in other REGUS centers in the US and abroad. Our law firm does not keep a permanent presence at this address so please contact us previously to visiting this address to arrange an appointment.

Attorneys at this location

Attorney Consultation
[email protected]
+55-11-4349-1915 Brazil
+1-214-432-8100 USA
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Regus’s description of the facilities offered at this location

The Campinas Galleria Plaza business center is located on the ground floor of one of three linked sections of the eight-story Galleria Plaza Building. This is part of a complex including an office park, shopping mall and hotel. The building’s sophisticated fire fighting and security systems, including intelligent access control and monitoring, reflect the city’s reputation as the Brazilian Silicon Valley. Campinas has developed a vibrant university and research environment, specialising in agricultural, medical and environmental systems, and supported by industrial parks and incubators for hi-tech companies. This has attracted large international companies from the automotive, telecoms, pharmaceutical, electronics, IT and food processing industries. Close to Campinas is a petrochemical business complex, based at Brazil’s largest oil refinery. The Campinas Galleria Plaza business center is 6km east of downtown Campinas, and within easy reach of Viracopos International Airport and major highways.

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