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Bank of Brazil

The Institution

The Bank of Brazil is the largest public bank in Latin America. Its scope consists in fostering the sustainable development of Brazil’s economy by providing high-quality services. It has over 5,000.00 bank agencies spread throughout the country administered by highly-qualified personnel in charge of carrying out financial procedures.

  • The Bank in the World


It was the first bank to be founded in Brazil by the prince-regent of Portugal Joao VI. Its foundation in 1808 is linked to the escape of the Portuguese Noble Family which came to Brazil prior to Napoleon’s invasion. The idea was to transform Brazil into the headquarters of the Portuguese Empire. In order to do so, a solid a trustworthy bank would be a must to attain that.

  • A Closer Look into its History

The Bank System in the Financial Crisis

Not only Bank of Brazil but others as well, such as Itau-Unibanco, Bradesco, and Caixa Economia Federal have remained solid and operating even at the peak of the financial crisis back in 2008. One of the causes of such success was the monetary policy undertaken by the Central Bank of high-interest rates and budget constraints.

BRICS’s initiative

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