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Legal services

When you deal with legal matters that span more than one country, the legalities can become quite complex due to the variances in the laws. Not many Brazilian law firms are capable of successfully handling such complexities. From forming a business entity to handling all your local regulatory needs, we meet your needs on time and on budget.

Different countries have different legal systems. The United States has the common law system while Brazil has the civil law system. Experience on how to navigate both systems and make them work in favor of your case should drive your choice of an international law firm with a presence in the US and Brazil.

Our Legal Specialties

Our Brazilian Lawyers specialize in assisting foreign companies in the following fields of law: corporate law, collections, internet law, intellectual property. For high-net-worth individuals, we provide services for estate and probate cases. Private investigation and asset searches in Brazil available as well: background checks, surveillance, corporate investigations, fraud investigations, due diligence, infidelity investigations and forensic services.

Need an international staff who truly speaks your language? Legal translators for legal and sworn translations valid in Brazilian courts? Yes, we have them in staff in New York, Sao Paulo and other locations in Brazil.


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Oliveira Lawyers:
We speak your language

Our legal services are provided directly in Brazil or the the US with support from our teams in New York City and Sao Paulo. A lawyer from our firm can help you in a variety of areas of law as a one stop law firm.

A Brazil lawyer will help you through the entire process from the moment we setup your case strategy to attending potential hearings on your behalf.

Your company will cut back on travelling as much as possible while still feel close to your case by accessing detailed information on your case through our website client's area.

Your Law firm in the US and Brazil. Lawyers specializing in international cases.

Oliveira Lawyers

Why Choosing Us

Success in your case requires the right kind of law office. Here is what makes us different and more capable of bringing success to your case:

  • We specialize in serving foreign companies and high-net-worth individuals
  • American and Brazilian attorneys who understand both common law (USA/UK) and civil law (Brazil)
  • Offices in the US and Brazil – we operate locally in Brazil while being international
  • Friendly lawyers and staff who will be happy to keep you updated while answering all your questions

Feel like dealing with a local attorney in the US while handling your case in Brazil.