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Real Estate Growth's Forecast in Brazil

Brazil has long been known for its steady and undying supply of natural resources and beauty. It has the largest stretch of rainforest on earth, the best beaches in Latin America, and a significant source of iron ore. While Brazil is abundant in many ways, there is one thing it lacks. Brazil has a shortage of housing. There are approximately 194 million people living in Brazil, and only approximately 1.5 million households available.

For that reason, it is a perfect time to invest in Brazilian real estate. Until recently, Brazil was considered a third-world country. A currency crisis and hyperinflation drove the nation into the ground, but after the global financial crisis, Brazil experienced monumental growth. The nation’s government was proactive and clever in fixing the problems that held the country back, and the world grew a strong taste for Brazil’s natural resources. The unemployment rate currently is half of what it was in 2003. Now, Brazil is among the top ten economies in the world. Because the country has only gotten better in the past decade or so, housing is still very cheap. Before 2000, no one would have moved to Brazil for work or a better life, so the housing market was dismal. Now, you can buy real estate at a low price and your return profit is likely to get better every year.

Brazilian Real Estate Outlook

As an investor, you’re probably wondering whether or not Brazil’s booming success will last. Sure, buying property now is cheap and is forecasted to grow in value, but will the growth cease and leave investors with unwanted property? While it’s impossible to say for sure, Brazil’s economic forecast is stable, at least for another entire decade. There is no shortage of iron ore and other resources in the country, and the demand is still high. The country exists mainly on its exports, and the exportation companies are flexible and can meet the demands of the world. Such successful business means that more jobs exist, which means that more families are raised up in Brazil. When families are raised, kids move out and need housing of their own. The population of Brazil will continue to grow, at least, for the next twenty five years..

Opportunities for the Future

If you’re thinking about investing in Brazilian real estate, you will probably get a good return on your investment in the short term. While the short-term profit is attractable, the long-term profit is important too. Investing in Brazilian real estate can be a lengthy and expensive process, so it’s good to know that your investment is sound and will last a long time. If you’re worried about the longevity of your real estate investment in Brazil, you should speak with an attorney about the economic forecast. However, experts around the world do agree that Brazil’s housing market will continue to grow and the population will continue to multiply.

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