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High-End Property in Brazil

If you’re thinking of investing in Brazilian real estate as a foreigner, it is important you first understand the real estate market as it currently stands. For many reasons, purchasing property now is ideal, because business is now better than ever. Politically, economically, and culturally, Brazil is attracting people from around the world. Since investors start realizing the potential that Brazil’s real estate holds, individuals see the potential in living there. This increased interest in Brazilian real estate has led to a change in property prices over the course of the last year. These changes have been different for each segment of the real estate market:[/caption]

  • The super-economic segment of housing in Brazil is the most affordable. In 2011, house prices rose by 6.9% to the equivalent of $1,424 per sq. m.
  • In the economic segment, which is still budget housing, prices rose by 18.5% to $2,008 per sq. m.
  • In the middle segment prices increased drastically in 2011 by 29.5% to 2,885 per sq. m.
  • In the high-end segment, the changes in 2011 were most surprising. Prices actually dropped by 26% to $3,610 per sq. m.

Analyzing the Landscape

For the most part, the changes in real estate prices in 2011 were plausible. Many properties have been increasing in value as people move in and investors raise the bar for competition. While the shockingly low price for high-end housing in Brazil might seem surprising at first, it is actually not so when considered more deeply. Luxury real estate is simply not the focus in the Brazilian market right now. People are not moving to Brazil to live in the lap of luxury. They might vacation there to do so, but for the most part, people are moving to Brazil to work and live comfortably. While investing in luxury property in Brazil right now would be cheap, it would not necessarily be wise. You will have a better chance for a consistent influx of tenants by purchasing real estate in the lower brackets.

Taking Advantage of the Timing

Knowing when and how to invest in real estate in Brazil can be difficult, though the scenario is stable; the property landscape is always changing. It can be especially difficult to predict these changes if you are trying to invest from a foreign country. If you live in the United States, you might not necessarily have your finger on the pulse of real estate changes in Brazil. For that reason, it is important you research and speak with a professional before deciding when and where you’ll make your investment. Investing in a cheap property that will attract no tenants or traders could cost you thousands.

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