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We Specialize in Labor Law

Being an employer in Brazil can be a wearisome task as the labor laws of the country are numerous and not always clearly defined. For instance, did you know that there are laws about hiring and firing employees so onerous, that many employers feel it’s not even worth it to hire; while at the same time employees find it beneficial to be fired? Strict laws prevent bosses and workers from negotiating changes in contracts, even if they both agree. Some businesses have lost their shirts in court due to faulty record keeping. It is common to hear people saying that labor in Brazil is expensivel. This is not because the workers themselves are making large salaries, but because there are so many taxes and hidden costs – not to mention fraudulent cases frequently taken to the Labor Courts.

Things to Consider if You are Hiring

  • After benefits due and taxes owed, an employee can literally cost more than twice his salary
  • There is a large list of benefits that the employer is required to give to each employee including lunch and transportation
  • Definite legal contracts are not permitted
  • Contract in Brazil are governed by two separate legalities
  • All companies are required to have a Brazilian citizen employed as the Administrator of the company
  • Businesses are annually charged taxes of over 68% for each employee's salary.
  • Most people do not speak English

Something to Consider if you are Seeking Employment in Brazil

Work visas to Brazil can be difficult to obtain, especially if the individual is applying from the United States. Due to “reciprocity” the cost of these visa are also quite high and consulate workers are not always eager to help you. Even after the hurdles of getting a job and being granted the necessary visa there are still other obstacles involving tax laws. Once employed by a Brazilian entity, you become liable to pay Brazilian taxes which are convoluted and hard to understand.

Whether you are looking to begin a business or becoming an expat worker, you need professionals to advocate for your better interest. Leave this job to lawyers who are fluent in Portuguese to do the bulk of the investigation process.

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