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Pre-Employment Screening Services in Brazil

Employment Background Checking

Business decisions are vitally important, and if you get any part of it wrong, you could be heading down the slippery slope to failure. One of the biggest decisions you face when running your own business in Brazil is who to employ; your employees are the face of your company, they are trusted with huge amounts of information and often huge amounts of money, and if you don’t choose the right people, you could be literally throwing away all your hard work over the years.

For that reason, it is vitally important to hire an employee screening service before taking someone on in Brazil.

How an Employee Background Check is Done?

An employee background check in Brazil usually isn’t carried out until after the interview process, and in-between that and the formal interview stage. After the interview, and after a candidate is chosen for the job, an offer will be made but with conditions, and one of those conditions is regarding a background check for job purposes. This looks at job history, if there was any disciplinary action from a previous job, and it also looks at any other issues which could create a problem in the new job which they are being screened for in Brazil.

An employee background check in Brazil can also take the form of a criminal record check, and this is often done in jobs which are particularly sensitive, e.g. if they are going to be working with children or the elderly, for example. Therefore, employee screening can take on many different forms, and it is important to identify the correct type of screening for your business.

Why is Pre-Employment Screening Important?

When you conduct a background check in Brazil for job purposes, you need to understand exactly why you are doing it, and how important it is. Employee screening can be the difference between identifying the wrong person beforehand, and choosing the correct one for your needs. You cannot simply employ someone because they do well at interview and they have qualifications, you need to employ them for both of those reasons, but also because they have the right background too. An employee background check is therefore a security blanket, a security net to catch you before making a totally incorrect decision for your business needs and the safety of your clients and customers.

An employee background check in Brazil for job purposes is therefore not only for your business, but also for safety.

When conducting an employee background check in Brazil you should always inform the person concerned that you are indeed carrying out checks, and this is often put in writing at the offer stage, with conditions. Once these checks are complete and you are satisfied that you have made the right choice, you can then go ahead and confirm the offer and give a start date to commence employment.

Employee Screening Services

Put simply, the single reason you do a check on an employee in Brazil is to ensure that the person you have picked is indeed the right choice, and that there are no skeletons lurking in the cupboard that need to be addressed. If something comes up in the check then it is then up to you as a business to address that concern and perhaps even speak to the person concerned about what has been shown in the check. It may be that certain measures are put in place to get around the particular flagged up concern, because it isn’t something which is a deal breaker, or it could be that you simply need to wave goodbye to this particular person, and go for someone else in the interview process, who fits your needs in a much better manner.