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Comprehensive background checks in Brazil such as criminal record check, marriage and divorce history, credit reports and other information to help you make informed decisions.


Background and Criminal Checks in Brazil

Background Check Services in Brazil

From the need for an online background check, running through criminal records in Brazil, or even simple public records, we have a range of different options available to you, all within your budget and within a timely manner.

What is a Background Check?

The name tells you enough about it, but the general definition is an investigation or check of a company or someone's past history. You could say it is the process of informing an interested party about an individual or a business, focusing mainly on their criminal and credit activities. This helps someone to make informed decisions related to hiring and business partnerships.

Why Would You Need to Run Background Checks in Brazil?

There are countless reasons for needing to run an online background check in Brazil. If you are a business, you may want to make sure you are employing the right person for your company, or that you are making the right choice when it comes to deciding on a Brazilian business to invest in. Checking criminal records in Brazil is probably the most requested service from Human Resources Departments in the US. If your goods and services are particularly sensitive (e.g. you work with children or families) you need to make sure that the person you are looking to employ does not have any past criminal history.

Of course, public records in Brazil are also searchable, and again, this can be used to check that employees are suitable in terms of their history for a new job. Background checks are therefore commonly used when it comes to employment.

Investment in Brazil is another area which is helped by the use of online background check facilities. There is no business on earth who will want to pile a substantial amount of cash into a business that has gone unchecked, so it is completely normal and expected that background checks are carried out on public records, and other information.

Some of the clients who have relied on our services in Brazil:

  • Employers
  • Companies
  • Recruiters
  • Human resource departments
  • Business partners

Are Background Checks from Brazil Accurate?

Our in-depth reports are compiled in Brazil by checking only the most accurate and up to date sources. Of course, technology has helped this process greatly, and there is now a data trail on practically everything we do as individuals, and as a business.

Our checks go through validated Brazilian sources, including government records, the criminal database, tax issues, etc, and as a result you are handed a report which is not only comprehensive, but also completely reliable and within your budget. This means the information you are given can be used as a solid base to make decisions on employment, investment, mergers, and all manner of other issues which may be pertinent to you, both individually and as a business.

Are Background Checks Ethical?

None of the information which is handed to you in your background check report is from any source unethical or illegal – you can be assured that everything is reliable and legal.

As Brazilian individuals we are aware that information is kept on us and that this can be searched, e.g. credit checks, criminal record checks etc. There is nothing at all unethical about running background checks, and it is almost expected in many ways.

The bottom line is that if you want to choose the right Brazilians for your business in terms of employment, or if you want to make sure you are choosing the right investment opportunities in Brazil, both now and in the future, background checks need to be done.

Most Common Checks in Brazil

These are some of the most common checks done on Brazilian companies and individuals:

  1. Criminal record checks: criminal records in Brazil are made available by both the federal government and states as well. A certificate called "Certidao de Antecedentes Criminais" can be requested and issued so a third party knows a person's criminal history. Criminal background checks in Brazil can be obtained at different levels of police and government entities.
  2. Credit checks: only recently Brazil has moved from a primitive credit system (limited to assess if an individual was paying or not his bills) to a more complex approach (grades and ratings depending on timely payments, credit to income ratio, etc.).
  3. Legal cases: many courts may be searched for litigation in Brazil. Unfortunately, such databases are not entirely reliable and many times an in-person search may be required for a higher degree of accuracy.
  4. Professional certification: a search can be conducted to confirm if an individual is authorized or not to work in certain professions (e.g.: engineer, physician, lawyer, etc.).
  5. Employment verification: making sure an individual's work history is correct may help employers avoid costly mistakes during a recruiting / hiring process.

Criminal Record Check

Criminal background checks in Brazil are a must whenever an employer in the US or another country is about to hire a Brazilian national. Such checks usually require the person being investigated to agree with the search and also provide a copy of their government IDs. Criminal records in Brazil may come in the form of a police certificate. For a background screening in Brazil it is usually necessary the person's CPF number (CPF stands for "Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) and the Brazilian national ID (aka "Registro Geral" or "RG").

Background Check Companies

Not every background check company in Brazil is the same. Oliveira Lawyers has a physical presence in the United States, so you know you are dealing with a liable party when ordering background checks in Brazil from our team.

Finally, important to note that all background checks in Brazil must be done in Portuguese. For more information on how we can help you complete a background check in Brazil, please contact us now at providing some specifics about your needs.