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All You Wanted to Know about Immigrating to Brazil!

The answers you have been looking for!

Immigration in Brazil

Immigration in Brazil - the 50 most common questions asked by foreigners

This eBook is a must for anyone considering the possibility of immigrating to Brazil. Immigration to Brazil represents a life change event and it should not be taken lightly. Understanding the pros and cons, as well as how to best accomplish an immigration to Brazil, is key to make such decision.

  • Answers to the 50 most common questions asked by foreigners about immigration in Brazil
  • Easy to read - short and straight to the point
  • Basics of Brazilian law when it comes to immigration to Brazil
  • It does NOT replace the need for a lawyer to advise you. It gives you basic knowledge to potentially cut on lawyer costs and give you information to discuss about your case with a licensed lawyer
  • Delivery by email in up to 48 hours after successful payment

Only USD 29.00 - a fraction of a legal consultation!


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  • It condensates 31 years of combined lawyer's years of experience with immigration in Brazil

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"I spent dozens if not hundreds of hours researching information about how to immigrate to Brazil. If only I had knew about the Immigration in Brazil eBook from Oliveira Lawyers!! This has the exact information you need to know your options and how to go about the whole process" - Alessandro Ferrari, Italy

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"This eBook was key for me to understand why Brazil is a major immigration destination. They have many paths for people to immigrate there legally and this eBook got me started with a solid understanding of my options!" - Khalil Abboud, Saudi Arabia

Learn about all your available options!

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Chapters of the eBook

The eBook includes questions and answers in the following chapters:

  • Why immigrating to Brazil
  • Exact instructions on visas, permits, residence, and citizenship
  • Paths for immigration to Brazil
  • Handle the process yourself or hire someone
  • How to immigrate spending as little as possible
  • Where to immigrate in Brazil
  • Most common mistakes by people immigrating to Brazil
  • Must-have tips on how to successfully immigrate to Brazil

Examples of Questions Answered

These are some of the 50 questions answered in details in our eBook:

  • What type of support should I expect from the Brazilian consulate?
  • How to obtain permanent residence in Brazil?
  • How a visitor can become a citizen of Brazil?
  • How to apply for refugee status in Brazil?
  • How to qualify for permanent residence by purchasing a property?

Bonus Information

This information itself is worth hundreds of dollars! And, it comes entirely free to you when you purchase our eBook:

  • Best companies to move your belongings to Brazil
  • Best search engines to find affordable flights to Brazil
  • Best options to send your money to Brazil
  • Best websites to find a job in Brazil as a foreigner
  • Best search engines to find a wife or a husband in Brazil

About the Authors

Luciano Oliveira and Leonidas Oliveira have over three decades of experience with international law. Being an immigrant himself, Luciano knows first hand what a candidate to immigration to Brazil should know. Leonidas Oliveira has represented clients from several countries in Brazil. His experience not only as a lawyer, but also a confident of people who rebuilt their lives in Brazil after immigrating was key to make this eBook a must read for anyone considering immigration to Brazil.


Buy the eBook Now
for a Special Price!

Special Price
For Online Delivery

USD 29.00

discounted price valid
until the end of the month

Delivery within 24 hours after
your order is placed!


Immigration Services

Our office provides full immigration services in Brazil. Some of our most sought services are related to:

Permanent VISA

VISAs going from 1 to 5 years for the following categories:

  • Foreign investors
  • Employment contract
  • Administrator, Director and Council Member
  • Foreign technicians
  • Artists
  • Professors
  • Professional athletes

A permanent VISA is the best path to obtain a Brazilian citizenship.

Family VISA

A family VISA can be temporary or permanent. VISAs going from 1 to 5 years for the following categories:

  • Marriage with Brazilian citizen
  • Children born in Brazil
  • Reunion with Brazilian relatives
  • Common law relationship (long term relationship without marriage aka "União Estável")

A permanent VISA is the best path to obtain a Brazilian citizenship

Other VISAs

These VISAs can go from 3 months to several years. Some of the categories:

  • Scientists and Researches
  • Athletes
  • Trainee program
  • University Studies
  • Religious missions
  • Others

To learn more about our immigration services, please contact us now at