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Child Support in Brazil

In the event of a divorce, annulment, marital separation, dissolution of civil union or determination of parentage, family law will dictate the arrangement for child support. It will often supplement the alimony, or spousal support, that was granted. Similar to the Child Support Standardization Act, Brazil family law determines how much the parent who is not granted custody will have to pay for child support. For help obtaining the maximum amount of child support in your divorce, it’s important to find Brazilian family law attorneys that are familiar with the laws. When researching your child support case, it is important to obtain guidance in:

  • Receiving the Maximum Amount of Child Support
  • Relevant Court Procedures
  • Calculating the Support Amount
  • Change of Parental or Children’s Circumstances
  • Distribution and Child Support Payment
  • Duration of Child Support Orders

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Areas of Representation You’ll Need

There are more steps in acquiring child support than simply making the decision to do so. Whether you are acquiring it for the first time, making changes to an existing court order or trying to enforce an existing order that is not being met, it will usually cause much tension and fighting between two parents. You should find child support attorneys that will help you figure out what is best for you in supporting your child. You should consider seeking representation in the following areas:

  • Child Support Order Establishment
  • Calculation of the Amount of Child Support
  • Temporary Child Support
  • Wage Withholding Orders
  • Enforcement of Existing Child Support
  • Obtaining Rulings for Retroactive Child Support Payments
  • Child Support for Disabled Children or Children with Special Needs

About Child Support

Obtaining child support can be difficult for both members of the divorce. It is usually a sensitive topic and often requires experienced representation. In Brazil, make sure you seek out experienced Brazilian child support attorneys to handle the majority of the details. Only attorneys with experience will understand and predict the nuances and subtleties that could alter the awarded amount. It is easy for parents seeking child support to simply enter numbers into a calculator and determine a final amount, but only family law attorneys can take your specific needs and income into account.

Without a Brazilian family law attorney on your side, you might also forget to include certain expenses in your calculation, such as childcare and parenting time. Additionally, if you or your former spouse is self-employed, a new level of challenges will arise in the calculation of income. Attorneys can also find out if you are qualified for receiving more child support than was determined by using guideline percentages that can get you as much support for your child as possible.

How to Get Help

If you are attempting to acquire child support for the first time after your divorce or you’re looking to enforce an existing order, you should consider legal representation. You should only seek out Brazilian family law attorneys that have the best interest of your children in mind, since that is really what obtaining child support is all about.

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