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Lawyers in Rio de Janeiro

Av. Rio Branco, 1 - 12º andar, Centro, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Lawyers

Second Highest Number of Attorneys per Habitants

Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest states in Brazil. Rio is not only a major touristic center, but it is also a major business hub. As such, Rio de Janeiro has a strong body of attorneys in the state. Rio de Janeiro, along with Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, has the highest number of licensed attorneys. Also interesting, Rio de Janeiro has about 1 attorney for every 120 habitants while Sao Paulo has 1 attorney for every 145 habitants and Minas Gerais has 1 attorney for every 176 habitants. In other words, Rio de Janeiro has one of the largest proportions of attorneys per citizenry in the country. In fact, only Distrito Federal, the capital of the country with the Congress and other institutions, has a large proportion of attorneys.

Main Neighborhoods in Rio

The main neighborhoods we serve in Rio de Janeiro are Copacabana, Leblon, Ipanema, São Conrado e Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.

Many of our clients rely on our advisory services to invest in real estate and other opportunities in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet your goals effectively.

Rio de Janeiro Downtown

Our attorneys meet with clients at Av. Rio Branco, 1 - 12º andar, Centro, Rio de Janeiro.

This is a REGUS business center where we rent temporary office spaces as required by our cases and clients. Our law firm does not keep a permanent presence at this address so please contact us previously to visiting this address to arrange an appointment. Rio de Janeiro is the second most populous city in Brazil with over 10 million people. It is headquarters to Brazilian oil, mining, and telecom, including Petrobras and Vale—and Latin America's largest telemedia conglomerate, Grupo Globo. It is also the second-largest center of research and development in Brazil, accounting for 17% of national scientific output.

Attorneys in Rio de Janeiro

To schedule a consultation with our lawyers at this location contact us by email or calling us at +55-11-4349-1915.

Facilities offered at this location

The Rio de Janeiro RB1 business center is located on the 12th floor of an office complex in the city's central historic and financial district. This is the heart of the business community, where three of the largest Brazilian corporations have their head offices. The business center is close to the stock exchange and national banks, plus companies from other service sectors such as telecoms, IT and publishing.

The RB1 Complex facilities include banks, travel agencies, gyms, convention centers, restaurants and a large parking area, as well as stunning views across Guanabara Bay. In preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games, the port area that forms a natural extension of this downtown district is undergoing significant restoration and expansion. Many import and export companies are based here. The business center is conveniently placed for reaching the commercial South Zone of the city and just five minutes from Santos Dumont Airport for domestic flights.